Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia (Part II)

Barabara Simonitti told me and Kevin that one possible source of nonsense in Slovenia was in graffiti. The best nonsense graffiti we have seen so far was, hands down, in Bucharest [click here], but here is a sampling of the noteworthy graffiti in Ljubljana. Our slight difficulty with colloquial Slovene puts us at some disadvantage… If we do get any real nonsense graffiti, we’ll be sure to post it!

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The owlery, perhaps a mocking representation of the downfall of the Earl of Gormenghast, in the Tower of Owls. Or perhaps a statement on the mass media, and the capitalist urge for more and ever more owls.

This is the Dreaded Lacrosse Boot of Communism, stepping on the Twisted Tooth of Capitalism. Or perhaps a frog with a mustache.

We think we found one of the graffiti culprits, betraying his surreptitious tale-method of wall painting. He seems to be leaving a tag here…

Surely the bluebird of happiness.

Who dares mock me? I bite my thumb at you, sir. I twist my stache in your general direction.

Next we have series from Zmaug, a pub in the student section of Ljubljana. Some of these are on the outside, while some are framed inside.
Ljubljana Graffiti July 19-21

The perky fellow seems to have had an encounter with a carrot (who looks rather nonplussed).

Okay, so this isn’t exactly graffiti, but it was posted up on the wall in the café at our inn, Stari Tisler. Before we left Ljubljana, were made sure to stock up with a heaping helping of malice, for the low, low price of only 5 Euro.

Note: Kevin, being a Man of International Mystery, has already had the opportunity to eat horse, but for me, this was my first horseburger, at the Hot Horse restaurant. Spicy good!

Nonsense note:

In accordance with Barbara Simoniti’s theory of nonsense devices, that includes the “styleme” of using the word and concept of “thing” repeatedly, we think we have found a stellar example in the Maribor, Slovenia train station. Observe Exhibit D, my receipt from the snack kiosk, where I purchased three different kinds of drink, and two different snacks. The receipt, of course, lists only “Blago,” which we assume means “thing.” And so, I walked away from the kiosk with blago blago blago blago blago.

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