Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The new blog holds wonders beyond your bean! Alastair Reid, Cardiacs, Edward Lear, and more.

Oi! Over to the new Jabberwokabout blog site, pronto!

I've posted about the recent goings on with the Gromboolia Anthology of Nonsense, including Alastair Reid, Cardiacs, and an older article on Edward Lear. You can find it all here. See you over there!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

You're still here.

Nope. I'm not going to show you.
You have to go over to the new website to see the amazing cute animal videos, the jackass stunts, the boobshots, the wild conspiracy theories... all the usual stuff you tend to find on this blog.

Me. Mocking you.
Or, well, I promise you will see a very, very silly video of me performing the beginning of Kurt Schwitters' "Ursonate," along with my account of staying at the Eckerö Post and Customs House, on the Åland Islands.

Once again, I've moved the Jabberwokabout blog over to my new website. Please go there in the future and in the past, if you fancy that kind of thing.

Here's the new blog location:

Here's the general website:
This site has the Gromboolia Anthology of Nonsense and many resources in studying nonsense literature.

Don't make me stop the car again to tell you about the new site.
I'm warning you.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

New website! Gromboolia is your one-stop nonsense-shopping megamall!

After many years, I've finally got the website up and running... and the Internets said It Was Good.
 Or at least I haven't been sued yet. And now, for the creative url!


My goal is to make a general nonsense resource for those who want to experience more nonsense art, and for those who are doing research into it. There are links to nonsense texts, music, video, and music. There are pages with primary and secondary bibliographies for the conkimplation and ejurification of nonsense of many varieties. Even a section that dares post various definitions of nonsense literature.

From now on, the Jabberwokabout blog will continue over there. There is also a section of the website devoted to me (ever so humbly!), called "Michael Heyman's Isle of Boshen."

This is just the beginning for the site... I'm hoping to make it a prime resource for all your modern nonsense living! Go there now, and buy, buy, buy! www.nonsenseliterature.com

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Eckerö Eel and Bustards House

Perhaps it was being raised on the Swedish chef’s jaunty genius,
The Groke, observing the Eckerö Post and Customs House
or perhaps it is the perspicuous peaks and valleys of intonative incline; or perhaps it is the historical hiccups that created Swedish-speaking Finns (better than Fiendish-speaking Swinns, my Farfar used to say, and he knew a few swarthy Swinns in his day); or it could be the Lunatic Lund spirit, found seven years ago right under the nose of the Nose Museum and the highly- regarded PhD on Nosery; but it does seem that nonsense, slow like honey wrapped in a five pound note, comes with the slow spring, in the mossy forests’ underfoot crunch or the absurdly large bunnies, tempting one down a rabbit hole, of this island of Eckerö, in the Åland Islands, beTwixt and between like an early adolescent on beHalloween.

Whatever currents that brought me here, I find myself in an Artist Residency at the Eckerö Post and Customs House, built in 1828 to prongify the Swedes and the rest of the world, a kind of Pre-Putin shirtless horseback riding through the cutting Baltic wind to put a puffed up front on a crumbled empire.

My mission: to create, in this hybrid archipelago, some strange hybrid of sound poetry and literary nonsense, something that some adults will find terribly difficult, and something some children will find terribly funny and something most will just find terrible. It will happen by way of something like this—and so consider yourself fairly warned.

I would get to work if I could just find a tabell that wasn’t bustidd.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017