Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Return of Romanian graffiti and an update

Hello devoted nonsensophiles out there--Michael here. I bring you good news: there is much to come. We've gotten a little behind in our entries, partly because we were at the IRSCL congress in Frankfurt for a week. Kevin left this morning from Amsterdam, so it's a bit lonely here in De Pjip, Amsterdam. I promise we'll update the blog soon, with all the details from Oslo, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

For now, just to tide you over, I include here some links to more of the wonderful graffiti from Romania, some of which we recorded here in our early blogs.

and the link there to:

Hold on to your herrings--we'll be back with more soon.

ps. I'm proud to announce that today was the first day that I was properly recognized. I was walking through Sarphati Park in Amsterdam, and a group of shady guys on a bench called out "D'Artagnan!" to me. Not Doug Henning, mind you.

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