Friday, September 18, 2009

Anachronous Update 3: Rättvik to Malmö to Stockholm to... Boston!

Greetings again, fellows nonsense nodules,

I interrupt the flow of time once again to let you know about my plans from here on out, and I do mean out. I will remain in Rättvik, Sweden until the 28th, when I head down to Malmö once again, this time to give a lecture at the university on the 29th, all thanks, once again, to Björn Sundmark. Check out this link for the sexy billing. On October 1st, I fly from Malmö to Stockholm, Stockholm to... Philadelphia (!) and then to Boston, where I shall set up a lingonberry shop on Newbury Street. It's hard to believe that this phase of the research trip is coming to a close...


  1. you should be careful of that Violet; she can be a nasty one

  2. She looks a little too eager, I'd say almost... hungry.