Monday, June 7, 2010

Africorn! Africapricorn! Africapricornponepie!

Greetings and bleatings to everyone from Nonsensicapricorn to the Sibilant Sea! My Africa nonsense-gathering trip has been gathering bream and will be baking many a Boston bream pie soon. Thanks to the efforts of some Very Solid Persons in South Africa, Kenya, and Uganda, plans are being pronged and nonsense beasts chummed (I believe they chum such creatures with amblongous artichokes and veal cutlets, though things have changed since my father's time as a Boer Bear Baiter, 2nd Class). I am preparing a Perfectly Perpendicular Pith helmet, from which I will sail round the Cape of Good Hamhock and hopefully come back home by way of The Horn of Slapricow. Along the way, I should be meeting with various luminous nonsense noses, including nonsense writers and blighters, media mudpie masticators, scholars of children's literature, folklorists, musicians, mad mudpie makers, and librarians. If they don't ride me out on a snail, I will be giving a paper at the conference in Mombasa of The International Society for the Oral Literatures of Africa. I shall be attending oral nonsense competitions, observing cultural crampon rampages, and various and sundry other nonsense-gathering-related activities that I can't begin to list right now. To find out the delicious and deliquescent details, you will have to tune into the blog come July. I will be blogging faithfully, fragrantly, and flafricantly, whenever I am able to tie one on to the Interknot. Stay tuned!

I shall remain,
your 3rd Class, Petty Bear Baiter,

ps. Thanks to Grimm_Cild for the refugricated drawing above!


  1. I'm anticipating some fabulous findings! :)

  2. I love the tiny pic! Can I use it here, pretty please with pith on top??

  3. Yes, of course you may. You had me at pith!