Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is this the end? Malmö and beyond!

28 Sept-1 October
Lecture at Malmö University and home...

It is most good, most very good that I should be going back to Malmö for my final talk and my goodbye to Scandinavia. Malmö had been my home base for over a week in August, from where I made excursions to Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Lund. It’s also home to Björn, one of my most scroobious partners in nonsense crimes.

I took the train down from Rättvik, about a 6 or 7 hour stretch, and went this time to stay with the Sundmarks, who kept me happy and stuffed with Viku Bröt (the hard bread that is made, by the way, right next to the northerly Sundmarks). The lecture at the university was the next day, and after a leisurely morning, Björn and I headed down from Genarp, where he lives, to Malmö. The lecture was at 1pm, in a fair-sized lecture hall, and Björn’s PR blitz brought in a good crowd, including his children’s literature class and folks from various departments. I was able to give the longer version again (though I still didn’t get to everything) and I made it through the throat singing this time… We capped the day off at The Bishop’s Arms, a fine establishment, and the whole day was an excellent conclusion to the many talks over the last few months.

The rest of my time in Malmö and Genarp was spent primarily rubbing the belly of Gimli, the Sundmark’s black lab, and taking walks around the Genarp countryside. How strange to be going back home... how strange to be away from July to October…

I now write to you from beneath the fake stuffed dolphin fish that welcomes visitors to my home in Somerville, and it is good to be back. It is time to look in two directions: first, we have to follow up with the many folk we met over our trip, collect more texts, and solidify the representation from these countries. Also, we have to pursue knowledgeable and nonsensical people in other locations: Africa, South America, East Asia, and beyond...

Worry not, dear Reader. While this trip may be over, it will certainly not be the last. Kevin and I plan to get out and about, hopefully to more nonsensical locations around the world. Meanwhile, we will be keeping you updated on any other news related to our work and travel for the Anthology. Stay tuned!

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