Monday, February 1, 2010

The next step... Slaprica! or.. Africow! or...

It has been a long time, my nefarious nodes, since our last communication. Since then we have been undertaking something of a nonsense hibernation, with drifts of neologisms piling up outside our cave. Still, all is well, and we are about to emerge! The grandest news is that I have been awarded the Newbury Comics Faculty Fellowship, a Berklee/Newbury Comics joint venture of mysterious proportions, that will enable me to pursue the nonsense beast, as in the days of fjord, with full vim and wigor in Africa. Many thanks to Berklee for this honor... and now it is for me to make my plans... which should include South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and perhaps other countries. I will go where the winds of whipple take me, and where I can find kindred nonsense spirits. Are you one of them?

I reach out with my noodly appendage to all out there... asking if you have the ability or the desire or the artichokes to help with the search for nonsense in Africa. Please get in touch, if so!

Meanwhile, I'm off to India for a little nonsense reconnaissance... to make sure The Tenth Rasa: An Anthology of Indian Nonsense is still a towering force of flan. Any nonsense doings shall appear here in three part harmony in dude time.

Until then,
I shall remain,
your nonsense niambic neepameter,


  1. Yay! Congratulations!

    Will you be noodling by Bangalore, you think?

  2. So, the qualifications are: the ability OR desire OR artichokes to hunt nonsense in Africa...? I have the desire, and there are whispered rumors of my competence as a "lackey".